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Asian Mint Noodle Salad

Ah, the freshness of Spring.  Walking through the herb garden, looking for signs of life, I know Mint will always remind me that Spring has arrived.  The varieties of Mint are endless and always add a freshness to recipes followed by a cool finish.

Today's herb recipe stems from my love of noodle salads.  I wanted to create a recipe that everyone could eat, including those on gluten free diets. For the noodles, I cooked quinoa noodles al dente.  Quinoa spaghetti style noodles are delicious. The dressing was traditional with rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, ginger and tamari.

To kick start this salad, I added thinly sliced baby bok choy and beautiful spring radishes. Adding fresh chopped mint cooled the bite of the radishes and rounded out the flavors.  This salad may be served immediately or refrigerated and served later.  It is a great salad to take on picnics being dairy free.

Visit the mint in your garden or plant some today.

Be well & enjoy,