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Pumpkin Enchiladas with Cilantro

Cate MacKrell

As Fall continues to to add beauty to the landscape, take time to make a different pumpkin dish.  I made these Pumpkin Enchiladas with Cilantro and they were ever so delicious.  They were a healthier and tastier version of bean & cheese enchiladas.

For whatever reason, you either like Cilantro or you don't?  I am not sure if it has anything to do with how you introduced to herbs?  Cilantro is a natural cleanser for our bodies.  Cilantro has been used to help remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

The chemical compounds in Cilantro bind to heavy metals, loosening them from the tissues, blood and organs.  Cilantro helps these harmful substances get eliminated.

Maybe now after reading the benefits of Cilantro, you will give it another chance and enjoy it weekly!

These Pumpkin Enchiladas are topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and so fantastic.

Be healthy & enjoy!