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Salmon with Maple Thyme Glaze

Cate MacKrell

Fresh Salmon, both coasts offer a delicious healthy fish that will make you smile.  I try to eat Salmon at least once a week.  The health benefits are so beneficial that eating such protein packed omega rich Salmon is a win win situation.

This recipes takes beautiful Salmon and adds the enormous benefits of fresh organic Thyme.

Here's a quick break down of Thyme's benefits...I also said "WOW"!

Thyme leaves offer significant levels of quality phyto-nutrients profile. Just 100 g of fresh leaves provides (% of Recommended daily allowance)

38% of dietary fiber,
27% of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine),
266% of vitamin C,
158% of vitamin A,
218% of iron,
40% of calcium,
40% of magnesium and
75% of manganese

This dish is fantastic, tasty and so easy to make.  Send me an e-mail at for the recipe.

Be healthy & enjoy!