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Shrimp with Mint & Rice Noodles

Cate MacKrell

If you've never cooked rice noodles, you will be surprised at the ease of preparation and the lightness they offer. You don't boil rice noodles, but pour hot water over to soften. They are popular in many Southeast Asian dishes.  They also have less carbs than regular noodles.

I wanted to create a dish similar to favorites I've had in Asian restaurants.  The ingredients are simple and cooks quickly.  Mint was the Herb of choice for this dish.  Mint leaves offered a sweet flavor with a refreshing cool finish.  Mint is readily available and once you have it in your garden, you will never be without!  It is invasive, wants to take over the garden, so keep it under control!

Mint adds a delicious balance to this wonderful dish.

Be healthy & enjoy,