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Edamame & Green Beans with Mint

Cate MacKrell

The New Year is a time to feel revitalized! Who wouldn't like to be healthier and share the benefits of eating well with their family and friends. 

This is a simple dish with 3 of my favorites.  The health benefits are second to none. Herbs have a great history with Mint having an enormous family of varieties and types. Mint is known to have originated in Asia and the Mediterranean region. In many cultures, mint symbolized hospitality and was offered as a sign of welcome and friendship to guests as they arrived. In the Middle East mint tea is still served to guests on their arrival.  In ancient Greece, the leaves of mint were rubbed onto the dining table, which was a sign of their warm greeting. I really like this idea, the smell must have been marvelous.

Edamame's are a natural source of antioxidant's and full of protein.  They are easy to cook and very tasty. Take a moment to experiment with them, their versatility is awesome.

Let me know if you would like the recipe.

Be healthy & enjoy,