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Herbs for Christmas Gifts

Tamara Huron

Santa loves to cook with fresh herbs!

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Lemon & Mint Spaghetti

Tamara Huron

Warm weather favorite pasta dish

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Holiday Herbs

Tamara Huron

Favorite natural, organic gift to send this season! Start their 2016 off with a fresh organic herb!

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Santa's Favorite Gift

Tamara Huron

Santa's favorite gift - Organic Herb of the Month

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Cantaloupe Basil & Mozzarella Salad

Tamara Huron

Refreshing summer salad with cantaloupe and basil. Easy to make and delicious!

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Happy 4'th of July

Tamara Huron

Happy Independence Day!

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Last Minute Christmas Gift

Cate MacKrell

Order your Organic Herb of the Month tonight or Christmas morning and we will send a personalized e-mail along with photos of the herb of the month.

Friends and family will love this natural organic Christmas gift.  One month, 3 month or 6 months available!  Beautiful recipe cards included for each featured herb.

No stress - we'll take care of you!

Merry Christmas,

Dec. Herbs.JPG

Tamara & Organic Herbal Cooking, Inc.

Natural Christmas Gift

Cate MacKrell

Looking for a natural organic Christmas gift for friends and family?  Organic Herbal Cooking offers the only Organic Herb of the Month club with 1 month, 3 month & 6 month subscriptions.

Easy to make recipe cards included that feature the herb of the month.

Take it from the guy in red, Herbs are soaring in popularity! Give the gift of cooking with fresh organic herbs.

Mrs. Claus' favorite gift

Cate MacKrell

Every year Mrs. Claus worries about Santa as he works long hours and eats lots of cookies along the way.  Mrs. Claus knows she must cook delicious healthy meals using fresh organic herbs. Following Organic Herbal Cooking's simple recipe cards, Mrs. Claus has dinner ready for Santa and the Elves in no time!

Santa's favortie gift for Mrs. Claus is a 3 month subscription to Organic Herbal Cooking's Herb of the Month. The Herb of the Month arrives in time for Christmas wrapped in organic burlap with seasonal raffia ribbon.

Send a healthy, organic gift today!  Give the Gift of Cooking with Fresh Organic Herbs!

Bay Leaf Roasted Reds

Cate MacKrell

Looking for a special side dish for the holidays that looks great, tastes great and is healthier? Try Organic Herbal Cooking's Bay Leaf Roasted Reds.  Bay Leaves add a subtle herb touch to the potatoes along with olive oil, italian seasoning, salt & pepper.

As you roast the potatoes, baste them often with the herb oil from the pan. They will add a festive touch to your holiday table. Bay Leaves are often overlooked in the herb world often only being tossed into a soup or stew. Bay Leaves compliment meats, vegeatables and dessert recipes.

Visit Organic Herbal Cooking's site for the perfect natural Christmas gift!

Be well & enjoy,