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Valentine's Day - Fresh Herbs Mom will Enjoy

Tamara Huron

Send your Mom a fresh herb forValentine’s Day. Each month Mom will receive an herb along with 6 photo colored recipe cards. The recipes all easy to make, healthy and taste great.

Mom's who enjoy cooking or gardening will love this gift.

3 month subscription makes a wonderful gift. 

Look forward to hearing from you! Herbs the Word!

Be well,

Cooper T.

2014 Herb of the Year

Cate MacKrell

The 2014 Herb of the Year is the Artemisias, which is actually a large diverse group of plants rather than one herb. One of the most well-known is Tarragon. French Tarragon is a favorite and I like to be creative when using it in my recipes.

Straying from the common sauces flavored with Tarragon, my favorite way to use Tarragon is in salads and desserts. During 2014 I hope to share many Tarragon recipes with you at the cooking show and on-line.

Tarragon is a delicate herb that is hardy and easy to grow, Celebrate 2014, give it a try today.

Strawberry Cucumber & Tarragon Salad is light and refreshing.

Be well & enjoy,