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Herb Chicken Kebobs

Cate MacKrell

This is a great dish that is easy and versatile.  The trick to create tender juicy kebobs is in the marinade.  The secret ingredients are apple cider vinegar and mint.  Mix together olive oil, vinegar, lots of fresh mint, oregano and garlic.  Pour over cubed chicken breasts.  Marinade for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Broil or grill until light brown.  These make a great accompaniment to potatoes, pasta or even topped on a salad.

The apple cider vinegar and mint add a healthy kick that makes this dish a sure favorite.  Mint is readily available and there are all different kinds.  Take a moment to experiment.  If you have orange mint, apple mint, spearmint, all would be wonderful in this recipe!

Be healthy & enjoy,